A hangover in Cedarburg

Last weekend I tested out the 5dMKIII.  And  from the first moment I released that shutter I was all, oh.em.gee, where have you been all my li-i-i-ife?  Plotting how to get my paws on one ASAP.

After my engagement shoot in Madison, I met up with my sister and friends to celebrate a birthday.  Trying to keep up with these 20somethings was fun, but  I was in struggle city the next morning.  It’s sad how much effort it took me to: get out of bed, dress myself, find my wallet, keys, walk to Alterra for lunch and then to even FIND Cedarburg for an afternoon of window shopping.  It was all worth it though and the fresh air and a summer stroll helped snap me out of it.  And in case you’re wondering, my favorite photo is the one of my sister and friend looking longingly at the chandeliers.

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