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I’m currently updating my 2014 packages and refreshing my marketing.  This was long overdue.  I’ve upgraded all of my packages, and I am so excited about what my 2014 wedding clients are going to be getting in addition to their digital images.

If you’re a current 2014 client who has already booked–don’t worry, you’re automatically receiving the upgrades, Boo!

I’ll be revealing more of the products in the next couple of weeks, but in a nutshell I’m adding print products to all of my collections because I am a firm believer that photographs are meant to be printed and held and framed.  In the past I’ve tried to educate clients on the quality that my lab delivers over consumer labs such as Target/Walgreens/Costco.  It didn’t work.  There is such a significant difference in quality, and I’ve been feeling kind of bummed that most people don’t value their wedding photographs enough to take that final step and invest in quality product.  Like, you’re going to invest thousands of dollars to hire me to photograph your wedding, and then the images are going to sit on your hard drive?  (By the way, I was 100% guilty of this when I was a bride)  So I’m just going to do it for you by simply GIVING them to you. You’ll thank me, I promise.

My 2014 calendar is filling up–if you’re interested in learning more about my shiny new collections, email me at  I’m also offering gift certificates for the holidays–give someone the gift of wedding photography…or ya know, just a session. 

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