Getting in gear

Finals are over.  Wedding season is here.   This afternoon I was at NatCam in Edina picking up extra cables when a man walked in from the adjacent Caribou Coffee and asked if I was a wedding photographer, and if so, if I was available in two Fridays.  He said there was a couple in Caribou that just had their final meeting with their wedding photographer, who showed up “drunk as a skunk” and they were  frantically looking for someone to pick up the date. I had to laugh because it reminded me of Soaps where someone collapses in a hospital and then some dummy is like, Is anybody a doctor?  “Can you fly this plane and land it?”  Surely you can’t be serious. [necessary Airplane! reference]

I felt for them, but I am already booked.  And SO EXCITED to shoot this wedding coming up.

In preparation, I’ve been stocking up and organizing.  Extra CF cards, a new lens bag, and a pair of pocket wizards to call my own.


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