I’ve been neglecting this blog of mine, I apologize.  But I’ve been completely consumed with something these last few months: the portfolio show for the PHDI students at MCTC.  It’s an honor to be in this group .  The student-produced show is a semester-long project that started with just a name (Resolution) and turned into a full fledged gallery show.  We worked with the graphics department to design a logo and treatment, promoted the show within our own networks and on social media, and then hosted the show at the Vine Arts Center in Minneapolis for 5 days.  This is what has taken up so much of my time since January.

The week of the show came and went in a whirlwind, and was very bittersweet.  I’m excited to throw myself 100 percent into my business now, but I’m also going to miss seeing  this little PHDI community every week.  I have such respect and admiration for my classmates and instructors.  It frightens me to think that I almost didn’t go for it.  I can’t imagine not being a part of this.  Anyway, here are the only photos I managed to snap during one of the show’s receptions.

Thank you to my friends and family that came to see the show!

Sadly, that is the only photo I have of my wall….

The photo above is of me and the one and only Jack Mader.   I like the out of focus photo, Jack.


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