Rothschild Pavilion Wedding-Janelle + Curt



This wedding is so dear to me.  The bride is my college roommate. Way back in 2004, I transferred to UW-Madison and moved in to a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with a friend of mine from high school and two other girls she had met in the dorms.  I had no idea the friendships we would forge, or the memories we would make in those years on Langdon St, but I’m so grateful that I took that leap and that it led me to Janelle.  She was always the most mature of all of us–kind, soft-spoken, focused.  She’s (naturally) an exceptional nurse, dedicated to taking care of others before herself.

Janelle’s mom, Julie saw a photo of Curt while visiting with mutual friends, thought they’d make a cute couple and had the brilliant idea to set the two of them up.  How cute is that?!  They really and truly are a perfect match.  All it takes is one minute of conversation with Curt to see he has a heart of gold. And he works for the DNR, which means he’s also very into hunting, fishing, camping…ya know, Wisco stuff.  The kind of stuff Janelle loves too 🙂









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